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A plumber who knows how to use his hose!


A beautiful brunette is about to take a bath when she realizes that the water is off. Powerless, she calls her plumber to come and settle it all. In the meantime, she casually removes her jacket. As soon as she sees come in, she is taking a swing of almost uncontrollable desire. She is so seductive that it can not help but jump on him. The man is delighted to be dropped on a client so hot and so easy … He sniffs the panties hanging on the edge of the bath and he is bandaged like a horse. His hand goes to her chest and her bra fell down. Link envy her breasts and her pussy is filled with a delicious nectar. While sitting on the counter, she straddles him and fucks the plumber his fingers into the slot in the chimney cleaned very well. She is so excited that she wants to touch his cock immediately takes it in her mouth and sucks like a real pompous elite. The guy can do when almost inserts his cock between her tits to shine more … It will come to face him, for sure!

Date: February 6, 2020

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