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Two handsome guys, forty years between them, are actively exploring their bodies. They touch awkwardly, kiss each other full language, when the bolder of the two take things in hand. He opens his fly the beautiful brown and begins to fatten their sex hard. The heat and humidity of his mouth were quick to relax the man, to pitch his tail to death and to whet your appetite. It is his turn to play the pipe, but there is a time when those two can do more: we must move on! Brown is now on top. He dismisses the slightly hairy legs of her lover and penetrates to the hilt in his mouth electroplate on his own to stifle her cries. The muscular torso before he puts him in a trance and led him to shoot shots kidney bolder … Soon, from behind he fucks her boyfriend in a position that allows him to sinking completely into its washer. Her man can do no more, and eventually discharged himself on the chest. The other, believe me, will soon join him …

Date: February 6, 2020

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