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We always think that secretaries are fucked by their bosses … But they can also get fucked by their boss! In this case, the boss is a ruthless woman who is serious about the job, nor with sex. A trainee is now stepping into his office to inform him of his problems. And seeing this 19 year old brunette in her little skirt, the owner has the lips quiver! She told him to approach and when the brunette comes near his chair, spread her legs wide for him she eats pussy. The trainee is forced to run and finds excitement still unknown in this situation … She buries his tongue in his upper and hears squealing like a girl 18 years! But it quickly regained the hair of the beast, pulls out a dildo, and starts to fuck this plague Intern increasingly brutal. She presses the head on the desk, licking her slit from behind, and finally makes crazy! “So, my pretty bitch, you wanted me to talk about a problem? “

Date: March 11, 2020

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